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Knowledge Expanding KDDI America’s Presence in Non-Japanese Market with its Valuable Know-How

KDDI America

 Ever since expanding its business into the US market, KDDI America has been thriving in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). It has been extending its reach into the fields of DX (Digital Transformation), Security, Servers, and Cloud Maintenance Solutions. KDDI America is one of the ICT companies that has been supporting businesses in the US with their necessary technological needs. In addition, KDDI America’s datacenter brand, TELEHOUSE, grew its global presence by expanding its territory from New York and Los Angeles to Toronto, Canada. UJP News interviewed KDDI America’s new CEO & President, Satoshi Oishi, about how KDDI America is going to grow its presence in the US market.

Generating “New Value”

 After the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of Japanese companies located in the US began to carry out various projects in order to improve their businesses. Part of those projects require KDDI America to create “new value” that does not just simply increase efficiency, but also incorporates IT/Communication technologies to boost DX of each company, which can lead to generation of new business opportunities/growth of the customers.

 KDDI America will keep partnering with valuable startup companies and other partners to consistently provide cutting-edge solutions for all of our customers.

 By implementing DX with “new value” with IT/ICT technologies in mind, cyber security will inevitably gain its complexity. Recently, a new concept of cyber security called “Zero Trust” has been the new standard for cyber security. Mr. Oishi alarms many of Japanese companies in US market to be careful with their valuable data, because US subsidiaries tend to receive less attention from the Japanese parent companies, which can make subsidiaries extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

KDDI America for Non-Japanese Companies

 Currently, KDDI operates over 20 million connections solely for Connected Cars in its global connection platform. Out of the 20 million connections, most of them are provided in the North America region. KDDI America has been keeping its healthy relationships with many Japanese US-based companies, while seeking to reach out to the American US-based companies. In Dallas, Texas, KDDI America prepared a dedicated Connected Car Department, and has been working together with one of the major German car manufacturers. KDDI America is striving to provide its services to other manufacturers such as shipbuilders and home appliance makers to gain more traction in the US market.

 Mr. Oishi stated:

 “KDDI America is gaining even healthier relationships with major American ICT companies such as Verizon and AT&T because of us expanding our reach into American companies. We believe that we can come up with more innovative solutions by gathering our strengths. We are aiming to make the best out of our experiences and quality of service which we nurtured through countless improvements which we have made with our partners.”

We Work On-Site to Offer Solutions

 Mr. Oishi has notable experience of working overseas. The US is the fourth country which he has worked apart from Japan. He was working in Germany, Singapore, and Vietnam before he started to work in the US. He was amazed by the size of the American market. Mr. Oishi thinks that success in the US can open more doors for global expansion, which cannot be achieved with just a well planning, but also willfulness to take action.

 Mr. Oishi stated:

 “The key to success is for partner companies to deeply understand the “true value” of KDDI America. We are aiming to create more meaningful relationships with our partners. I am aware that this is not an easy task by any means, but at the same time, I am grateful for amazing partners that we currently have who are willing to challenge things with KDDI America.”

 “I love working on-site. I always meet and speak with our customers to truly understand issues they are facing and create solutions with them. We always aim to work alongside customers. KDDI America is all about its customer centricity and I am sure it will help to expand KDDI America even more.”

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KDDI America, Inc.
KDDI America is the US subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company and is growing communications carrier with a proven track record in Japan and a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. KDDI America provides a wide range of High Quality Services such as Communications, Data Centers and Solution Services throughout the world.

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Daisuke Mitani

KDDI America

Kota Nagase
Marketing Associate

Joined KDDI America, Inc. in January 2023 right after graduating from the University of Houston with a Master's in Marketing. Loves working out, tennis, and fashion. Won a third place in Texas Tennis State Tournament back when he was in a highschool. Always on a look out for his favorite fashion pieces.