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Knowledge Who is KDDI America?

KDDI America

 KDDI America, Inc. was originally established by a Japanese telecommunication company, KDDI Corporation, in New York in June 1989. Back when it was established, KDDI America was providing an international calling service to a wide range of customers.

 Now, KDDI America offers a variety of IT related services such as data center, cloud, and international network in the United States. In this blog, I will introduce KDDI America in more detail!

1) History of KDDI America’s Parent Company: KDDI Corp
2) KDDI America Protects Submarine Cables Connecting Japan and US (United States)
3) KDDI America Utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) to Develop Application and Data Analytics

I. History of KDDI America’s Parent Company: KDDI Corp

 Before looking more into KDDI America, let us look at KDDI America’s parent company, KDDI Corp. KDDI Corp. Was established in June 2000 by three major Japanese telecommunication entities merging into a single company, which were DDI (Daini Den Den), KDD (Kokusai Den Den), and IDO (Nippon Ido Tsushin).

    KDDI Corp. Established (10/2/2000 at KDDI Building)

       Right now, KDDI Corporation is ranked as the 8th largest company valued at 66,206,852,477.64 USD (at the time of 8/17/2023 15:50 PT). Also, it has been recognized as one of the Fortune Global 500 Companies in the world.

       Recently, KDDI Corporation made an agreement with SpaceX to provide satellite broadband internet for companies and organizations within Japan. With this agreement, KDDI Corporation has become an “Official Starlink Integrator,” providing fast and reliable internet to hard-to-reach locations such as in the forest and islands. In addition, KDDI Corporation will be able to help people and cities by supplying internet as a part of disaster relief/recovery.

      II. KDDI America Protects Submarine Cables Connecting Japan and US

       KDD, one of the entities that merged into KDDI Corporation, had provided innovative technologies such as submarine cables and satellite communications since its original establishment in 1953. In 1989, KDD constructed the first fiber submarine cable named TPC-3. TPC-3 connected Chitose to Hawaii, and to the US mainland with a total length of over 8264 miles. Right now, KDDI Corporation owns one of the largest amounts of submarine cables in the world. KDDI Corporation operates 17% of the Japan-US submarine cable, “FASTER,” with its total capacity of 60Tbps.

       As one of KDDI America’s important operations, we take part in running submarine cables which KDDI Corporation owns.

      III. KDDI America Utilizes AI and IoT to Develop Application and Data Analytics

       KDDI America offers more than just IT Infrastructure. We also offer data analytics which utilizes AI and IoT, and develop applications based on these advanced technologies to support our clients to make innovative changes to their operations.

       KDDI America is constantly looking to create “new value” from IT and telecommunication technologies. We offer end-to-end services from consultations during designing phase to deployment and maintenance to boost DX (Digital Transformation) for our valuable customers. The area of DX has been collecting a considerable amount of attention from management across the industries.

       KDDI America is working together with startup and partner companies to constantly offer new and innovative solutions for our customers.

       In addition, a company established in California in 2021 called Station Digital Media has joined forces with KDDI America as one of our subsidiaries. Station Digital Media develops cutting-edge applications for a variety of industries. They successfully created a UI that is truly user centric by combining their own platforms such as Kintaro and Junction. The ease of organizing information and navigating through the platform is present for individual users and companies. Station Digital Media provides application development suited for companies looking to get ahead of the game.

        Summary: KDDI America Work Along with Our Clients and Provide Benefits that Really Matter

         As you see, KDDI America has been providing a variety of companies with vital IT services such as network, DX, security, and cloud maintenance.

         KDDI America representatives visit our customers onsite and work together with people who experience the problem first-hand. We always work alongside our clients to deliver solutions that truly work and matter; KDDI America is a company that provides “Customer Centric” services.

        KDDI America, Inc.

         KDDI America is the US subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company and is growing communications carrier with a proven track record in Japan and a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. KDDI America provides a wide range of High Quality Services such as Communications, Data Centers and Solution Services throughout the world.

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