Chokisuta No.26 ~Cerby~

KDDI America August 31, 2023

Cerby provides a corporate level platform for organizing and unifying access credentials. Cerby lets you manage your workers’ credentials such as passwords and 2 factor authentication from a department that is responsible for company’s IT, rather than letting each employee to be responsible for their credentials. In addition, Cerby helps you to automate security tasks such as ID creation and access control.

Cerby is the best fit if you are trying to maximize work efficiency by implementing third-party software while ensuring security for your company.

KDDI America, Inc.

 KDDI America is the US subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company and is growing communications carrier with a proven track record in Japan and a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. KDDI America provides a wide range of High Quality Services such as Communications, Data Centers and Solution Services throughout the world.

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Writer / Interviewer
KDDI America
一色 望 / Nozomi Isshiki
 Nozomi has been responsible for creating innovative partnerships with companies that are often startups, which we call it a "Deal Sourcing." She is also working for the creation of MUGENLABO Magazine.
Her hobbies are trend searching, finding tasty restaurants, traveling, and working out.

Nozomi Isshiki

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