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Business DX File transfer solution HULFT 8

Get your vital data where it needs to go, safely and securely

Optimal for businesses with problems like the following


Our supply chain is being adversely affected by missing pieces in our ordering information and other critical data.


The network costs for the massive amounts of data sent to us by our factories are limiting our operations. 


We are struggling to share data smoothly between differing system environments in our company such as mainframes and Linux computers.

Safe and reliable TCP/IP file transfers with HULFT 8

HULFT 8 is a middleware solution for sending and receiving the data that builds up in a corporate IT system, such as sales data, customer information, and log data. To make it usable as the foundation of a business system, it is equipped with a variety of features, such as text-encoding conversion, that allow sending files safely and securely over the industry standard TCP/IP between differing servers, platforms and encoding formats.


Case study: Using HULFT 8 for data transfer at a sales company

In the case study shown below, a sales company used HULFT 8 to automate a process covering both data transfers with business partners and supply vendors, as well as applying that data to internal inventory management, for a safe and reliable data transfer infrastructure. 

Advantages of HULFT 8

Super-fast transfers while maintaining data quality

HULFT 8 provides fast file transfers that are up to 6 times the speed of traditional FTP solutions. The HULFT compression technology makes stability, large capacity, and file transfers between clouds possible.

Achieve operational efficiency

An Internet connection is all you need to have access to all of HULFT 8’s features – there is no need for specialized hardware.

Protect your data and track your transfers

Mission-critical data is safe thanks to top-level encryption technology and the latest in authentication methods. The HULFT 8 interface makes configuration, automation, tracking of all data transfers, and compliance with the strictest security standards easy.

Maximize the power of cloud technology

Support for both private and public clouds, including all the major cloud services.

Reduce the complexity and inefficiency of your IT

Not only is configuration simple, but centralized management functionality allows you to easily manage all your data transfers from one place. Design and automate business processes to further cut your IT and maintenance costs.

Meeting compliance standards

HULFT 9 solutions make all aspects of the data transfer process visual, enabling compliance with security standards like SOX and HIPAA.

HULFT 8 features

Data transfer

File transfers can be executed from boththe sender and receiver side, messages can be sent to multiple sites simultaneously, data compression, staggered transfers to avoid network congestion, resending from checkpoints when problems occur, and more.



File transfer status and histories. Output to event logs or console logs allows working in combination with operational management tools.


Job execution

Jobs can be executed before or after file transfers, with the job execution result visible to both sender and receiver.


Message sending

When transferring files, a message can be attached and passed in to other applications, allowing for flexible system interactions.


Multi-platform support

HULFT 8’s support for a wide variety of OSes allows you to standardize your file transfers cross-platform.

Advanced security features to enable safe transfers of your data


Encryption included as a standard feature

  • Choose from 3 different encryption methods: HULFT encryption, AES and C4S

Stop data from being spied upon, leaked, incomplete, or modified

  • We use a proprietary, key-based encryption method
  • Improve the accuracy of your data verification

Identify and prevent mistakes and unauthorized access

  • Automatic management of detailed operational history
  • Strengthen your data security and access rights controls
  • Control how job execution requests are handled

Support from KDDI America

From consultations regarding license purchasing, to help in setting up HULFT 8 in your environment, running evaluations in a testing environment, and creating scripts, KDDI America is ready to provide support. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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