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Business DX (Needs) Achieve digital transformation and provide your end-users with new value

In the age of 5G/IoT, as all manner of devices are connected through IoT and telecommunications become an ever-more integral part of our lives, we at KDDI America are ready to put our knowledge, experience, and full effort into supporting your business and working with you to achieve your digital transformation. 

Does your business want to do any of the following?

Get away from unproductive practices and
reform your business.

Find new customers, while also
strengthening engagement
with existing customers.

Use the positional data of people and things to
manage movement and
remotely control devices. 

Stop accidents on the production floor
before they happen.

KDDI America can make these a reality

Using a designer frame of mind, we support you in achieving your digital transformation

To create the value sought by end-users, businesses need to explore and organize their vision and their mission, and to create product and service hypotheses. We give our full effort in supporting you in such efforts.

Implement marketing email to adapt your sales touch points to the New Normal

We provide omni-channel distribution service to combine SMS, email, LINE and other message apps to be sure your messages get to customers. An intuitive and easy-to-use portal site makes distributing your messages easy.

Omni-channel distrbution service

Low initial costs, and implementations starting as small as a single access line, as you build a secure IoT system for your business.

With IoT, the number of connected devices involved in a project soars. As the number of devices increases, the maintenance and operation of such devices and their connection statuses becomes more important. Using Soracom, your IoT devices can be centrally controlled and managed through a Web console or API.


Get data on your factory equipment’s status and catch failures before they happen using IoT and AI

Use sensors to get data on the state of your manufacturing equipment, and store this data on the cloud to allow an analysis platform to predict when equipment may fail. We can help you through the entire process of making your factories smarter.

Factory IoT + AI analysis

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