Omni-Channel Messaging Service

Deliver your message to customers through multiple channels


Utilizing various communication platforms (SMS,RCS,LINE,Facebook messenger, Whatsapp,Chatbot,IVR..and more) to deliver your messages to the end user efficiently and more reliably.

SMS,RCS,LINE,Facebook messenger, Whatsapp,Chatbot,IVR..and more


Extend Reach Capability

Reach customers through multiple channels.
We deliver messages from enterprise to end user more reliably.

Embrace interactive communications

Initiate communication with the end user from both sending and receiving.
Enhance engagement with end users.

Observe and Review results

Visualize delivery results and reaches.
Utilize data to provide customers with effective content and approaches.

Voice and multilingual support

Communicate with end users not only by message but also by voice.
Supports multiple languages including English, Japanese and more.
Contribute to improving customer satisfaction by providing a wide rage of solutions such as IVR and Automatic calling system.

How to deliver message

There are two types of delivery methods:

Connect to our messaging platform through API and deliver message from the corporate system.
Publish the URL of the submission portal, log in to the portal and deliver message.

API Connection with corporate system

Use case

Campaign announcement<br />

Campaign announcement

Campaign launch and coupon distribution by SMS with high delivery and open rates. In addition to SMS, RCS and application-based message services can be delivered. You can intuitively appeal to end users by combining multimedia such as text, images, videos, and audio.

Chatbot<br />


By incorporating “Common questions” sent to customer support center integrated with the chatbot AI, it is possible to enable end user self resolution. End users can ask questions easily, leading to enhanced customer engagement.

Business improvement by IVR<br />

Business improvement by IVR

Automatically sorts inquiries from customers to companies according to the content. Simple contents such as information requests are answered via SMS distribution or email. Contents that cannot be handled programmatically are guided to the operator. Improve customer satisfaction by optimizing operators.

Customer support

KDDI America staff is available for service requests, installations and other inquiries.

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SMS and email channels enables for communication via Web Interface or API connection.
Improve your BtoC, BtoB communication and enhance customer engagement by utilizing Omni channel messaging service.

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Learn how BtoC and BtoB industries are using omnichannel communications to reconceptualize customer experience

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Omni-Channel Messaging Service eBook

Omni Channel Messaging Solutions

1. Bank Statement notifications / Questionnaire after an accident

Target Industry

Bank, Insurance company


Send Bank SMS notifications to the end users to reduce the risk of delayed payment and response.

Provide instant and appropriate support after an accident with quick SMS questionnaire.

Bank Statement notification / Questionnaire after an accident

2. Additional tour offer

Target Industry

Travel Agencies


Text customers with a hot deal or special tour offer during the travel.

Additional tour offer

3. SMS chat for customer support

Target Industry



Simple contents such as information requests or customer inquires are answered via SMS distribution. Contents that cannot be handled programmatically are guided to the operator.

SMS chat for customer support

4. Coupons & Promo codes / Appointment Reminders

Target Industry

Restaurant, Retail, Hair & Beauty


Send special coupons via text message to
increase sales.

Send text messages to the end users to remind them of an upcoming appointment or reservation.

Coupons & Promo codes / Appointment Reminders

5. Job opportunity follow-ups

Target Industry

Recruitment agencies


Send messages to inform candidates of New Job Opening.
Enhance real-time communications with job seekers.

Job opportunity follow-ups

Service Introduction

Service outline (Japanese)

Service detail (Japanese)

Case studies (Japanese)

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