KDDI File Storage

File sharing service with multiple security functions

Easy to view files on both PCs and smart devices.

This is the solution to your problem, "KDDI file storage."

We want to outsource to a safe domestic environment at a low price without constructing or maintaining a file server environment in-house!

We want to use the files on the server when conducting business talks at the customer visit location!

We want to share large-capacity files that cannot be sent by e-mail easily and safely without installing a troublesome system!

Access your files from a cloud platform hosted within our highly secure Telehouse data centers

Large capacity (10GB per ID) Security features such as encryption and virus checking

Share large files easily and safely without needing to install any new system

Large files can be shared and exchanged easily and safely just by notification of the folder URL

Safely share confidential project files with related companies and partners

Secure use is ensured through virus checking, IP address restrictions, folder and file time functions and more. Share and exchange files with specific project members.


Using publicly available web-based file sharing services puts your business at risk of confidential information breaches.

KDDI File Storage (KFS) is a highly secure ready-for-use cloud-based file sharing service. KFS has become a dependable tool for the manufacturing, commercial and medical industries. For sending your confidential files to trusted peers from anywhere and at anytime, KFS gives you the assurance of knowing that only your intended recipients will ever have access.


Benefits of introducing "KDDI File Storage"

  • Without building a bespoke system, reduce your costs of having a secure file sharing environment
  • Effectively and securely share information on confidential projects with recipients inside and outside of the office
  • Use smart devices to immediately and conveniently send information


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Characteristic Functions


Stored at Data centers in Japan

Stored at Data centers in Japan

  • In order to provide a safe and secure environment at a low cost, data is stored in the robust and secure KDDI Data Center TELEHOUSE. In KDDI File Storage, the system is fully redundant to prepare for failure.

IP address restriction

IP address restriction

  • It is possible to restrict the access source IP address when logging in by user. It is also possible to specify a network address as well as an IP address.
    (Address example:, domain example:


Restrict terminal authentication/access methods

  • It is possible to restrict the terminal and access method to allow use for each user ID. Compatible with PC/Smartphone browsers and Windows/iOS/Android (TM) applications, each can set IP address restrictions.

Communication path encryption/data encryption

  • The transmission/reception route of files is SSL-encrypted and prevents the data from being intercepted or tampered with by third parties.
    Also, all uploaded files are stored in encrypted storage.

Virus check

  • Virus check is automatically performed when uploading the file.

Session timeout

  • If it is not operated for 30 minutes, disconnect the session and automatically log out.

Account lock

  • Restrictions such as "continuous @ times" can be set, and accounts that failed to authenticate the specified number of times can be locked, and after locking, the function can be set to authentication failure even with correct authentication information.

Prohibition of saving files to terminals

  • Permission/prohibition of saving files to the terminal can be set for each user/group folder.
    You can restrict the handover of files with other applications. (Note 1) In addition, it is possible to automatically delete files saved to the terminal after a specified number of days have passed. (Note 1)
    Note 1: Only iOS apps are provided

Remote wiping of saved files

  • It is possible to remotely delete or initialize files and settings that have been saved by specifying a terminal, such as when the terminal is lost. (Note 2)
    Note 2: Only iOS and Android (TM) apps are provided.

Administrator function

Group creation/access right settings

Group creation/access right settings

  • Create a group and a group-dedicated folder and only members who are part of that group can access the folder.

Email notification to shared members

Email notification to shared members

  • A function to send notification emails when file upload (including update) and download are triggered in group folder units.

Approval for one-time sharing

Approval for one-time sharing

  • You can add an approval flow for one-time sharing of files (issuing a website publish URL). Setting approval by approvers is required can prevent erroneous transmission of files (website publication URL).

Capacity allocation per user

  • Users with administrative privileges can set up usable capacity in MB units for each user's dedicated user folder.

Password policy settings

  • Users with administrator privileges can set policies such as password length, expiration date, history recording, and complexity.

Log Management

  • Operation logs such as login and file upload (including updates)/download can be downloaded in csv format.

User account batch management

  • Batch registration (change/deletion) of user accounts using CSV is possible.

Notification Management

  • You can create notifications to be posted on the website screen. It is also possible to forcibly display the created notification after logging in.

Statistics management

  • You can check the number of registered users and groups, the number of logins, the number of times a file is uploaded or downloaded, and the volume of data in graphs, tables, and rankings.

User function


Upload by folder

  • You can upload folders by dragging and dropping in the PC browser.
  • * Folders are not uploaded in Internet Explorer. ®


One-time sharing

  • If you want to temporarily share files, you can issue a random public URL that cannot be easily guessed by others for files/folders. This enables temporary file deployment to users who do not have an account. In addition, restrictions such as password and number of times of access can be set.

Receive the file

Receive the file

  • You can receive files from users without accounts by issuing a public URL for upload.

Automatically delete files/folders

  • It has a function to set time limit, and for each file/folder, it is possible to set to automatically delete files/folders after the specified date has passed.

Windows ® Client App

  • By installing the “KDDI File Storage” dedicated client app, you can upload/download files without going through a browser. It is also possible to synchronize with the local folder.

Shared folder

  • This function allows any folder to be accessed by other users. If you are an authorized user, you can share folders with other users without requiring an administrator.

Password reminder

  • By registering an email address in the account, the user can reset his/her password when he/she forgets the password.

Generation management

  • By enabling the version management function of the folder with administrator privileges, it is possible to manage up to 3 generations in the backup folder. (If you overwrite the file when uploading it, the original file will be stored as an old version.)

Language Settings

  • You can specify the display language on the website screen from browser settings (default), Japanese, English, and Chinese. When you select the browser settings, the display language will be automatically selected according to the language settings of the browser you are using. (Note 3)
    Note 3: Browsers in a language other than Japanese, English, or Chinese will be displayed in English.

Browser Usage Environment * Last updated: Sep.28, 2022

Windows OS

Windows ® 8.1/10/11 (excluding on ARM)

Web browser
Internet Explorer ® 11
Microsoft Edge ®
Latest version of Google Chrome
Firefox ® Latest Stable Version

  • *Supported by OS manufacturers
  • *Internet Explorer 11 in Windows ® 10 is not supported.
  • *The Chrome version Edge in Windows ® 8.1 is not supported.

Mac OS

Greater than or equal to macOS Catalina (10.15)

Web browser
Latest version of Safari
Latest version of Google Chrome
Firefox ® Latest Stable Version

  • *From the latest supported OS, support is available up to the major version of the OS two generations earlier.

Environment in which client software is used * Last updated: Sep.28, 2022

Supported OS (32/64-bit compatible)
Windows ® 8.1/10/11 (excluding on ARM)

  • *.Net Framework 4.5 or higher must be installed.
  • *A minimum of 100MB free space is required for installation

Device requirements (free dedicated software provided) * Last updated: Sep.28, 2022


iOS 15 or later

  • Supported languages: Japanese/English/Chinese
  • Supported file formats: PDF, MS Office, text, HTML, image file, video, audio file
  • *If the MS Office file contains Japanese, it is easy for the file to have a displaced format, so we recommend viewing the file in PDF format.
  • *Presentation function (external output) is also available.
  • *The latest version of the iOS app “KDDI File Storage ver. 2” is supported.
  • *From the latest supported OS, support is available up to the major version of the OS from one generation earlier.

Android ™ OS

Android ™ OS
Supported Ver. Android ™ 9 or later

  • Language: Japanese/English
  • Supported file formats: PDF, MS Office, text, HTML, image file, video, audio file
  • *MS Office files and HTML can be opened by using other apps.
  • *If the MS Office file contains Japanese, it is easy for the file to have a displaced format, so we recommend viewing the file in PDF format.
  • *There are only a limited number of models that can use the presentation function (external output).
  • *The latest version of the Android (TM) app “KDDI File Storage ver. 2” is supported.
  • *From the most recent supported OS, support is available up to the major version of the OS from four generations ago.
  • *Operation cannot be guaranteed for each model.
  • *There are no dedicated apps for tablets. Please use the standard Android browser.

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