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Cloud App KDDI File Storage

File sharing service with multiple security functions

This is the solution to your problem, "KDDI file storage."

We want to outsource to a safe domestic environment at a low price without constructing or maintaining a file server environment in-house!

We want to use the files on the server when conducting business talks at the customer visit location!

We want to share large-capacity files that cannot be sent by e-mail easily and safely without installing a troublesome system!

  • Access your files from a cloud platform hosted within our highly secure Telehouse data centers

Large capacity (10GB per ID) Security features such as encryption and virus checking

  • Share large files easily and safely without needing to install any new system

Large files can be shared and exchanged easily and safely just by notification of the folder URL

  • Safely share confidential project files with related companies and partners

Secure use is ensured through virus checking, IP address restrictions, folder and file time functions and more. Share and exchange files with specific project members.


Using publicly available web-based file sharing services puts your business at risk of confidential information breaches.

KDDI File Storage (KFS) is a highly secure ready-for-use cloud-based file sharing service. KFS has become a dependable tool for the manufacturing, commercial and medical industries. For sending your confidential files to trusted peers from anywhere and at anytime, KFS gives you the assurance of knowing that only your intended recipients will ever have access.

Benefits of introducing "KDDI File Storage"

  • Without building a bespoke system, reduce your costs of having a secure file sharing environment
  • Effectively and securely share information on confidential projects with recipients inside and outside of the office
  • Use smart devices to immediately and conveniently send information

What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.