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Office IT Management Network Management Service

One-stop network monitoring and maintenance

With our Network Management Service, we monitor and manage the devices on your WAN or LAN and respond to any downtime issues that arise, greatly reducing your network management burden. 

KDDI America's network management service provides 24x7 device health monitoring, keeping a constant watch over the status of your network. When incidents occur, we provide a comprehensive response, including troubleshooting, progress reports to customers, and contacting manufacturers for servicing. Furthermore, our customer portal enables you to visually see the status of your monitored devices. 

24-hr, 365-day system monitoring

24x7 monitoring of your servers, routers, switches, etc. for malfunctions. We can provide device replacement and help for any affected parts of your network. 

Incident response

We locate where faults occurred, report response progress to you, contact manufacturers for servicing, refer to past examples as necessary, and minimize downtime.

Response for malfunction inquiries

One-stop response to system administrators' inquiries about faults or other issues. 

Dedicated customer portal

Real-time display of alerts, incident status, and resource statistics for monitored devices 

See the status of your IT infrastructure and increase its performance 

We monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure, be it cloud-based such as an Azure or SD-WAN setup, or be it an on-premises installation at one of your locations. We support a wide variety of networks for your location-to-location WANs as well, such as IP-VPN and SD-WAN. 

Service menu

ServicesService Levels
SupportCustomer portal access
24x7 proactive monitoring
nlimited number of incident responses
Backlog service account provision-
Posting alert messages to Backlog-
Support by email -
Support by phone (in emergency malfunction situations)-
MonitoringDevice health monitoring
Resource monitoring
Log monitoring-
Traffic monitoring
MaintenanceMalfunction level 1 response (restart)--
Remote support--
Malfunction level 2 response (investigate/fix)--
Analyses by vendors---
Server starting/stopping---
Patch application (OS/middleware)---
Middleware upgrading---


Leave it to us at KDDI America

KDDI America provides a multitude of network services, from site-to-site network connections to Internet access. We also can support you in creating secure, zero-trust networks. Please feel free to contact us for more information. 


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