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Network International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

Realization of secure, high-qualified communications between two specified locations


As our customers' businesses become more international, the need for timely communications with their overseas operations is increasing. Corporate communications networks that can communicate information efficiently and reliably have become an essential part of management strategy. The IPLC service is provided in more than 190 countries and regions.


  • Highly reliable communication

Circuits are not affected by congestion unlike overcrowded public networks, so communication is always reliable.

  • Communication media can be combined freely

As there are no restrictions on the communication media that may be used, you can simultaneously combine voice, fax, teletype, data, images, etc. Under certain conditions, it is also possible to connect to other electronic communication circuits or share the IPLC service with non-contracting parties, making for an economic and efficient network.

  • Varied menu

The IPLC service offers a varied menu to suit your applications and communication volume. Based on our close connections with overseas telecommunications carriers, we provide solid support for your business from the time you place your order, through network establishment, operation, and maintenance.

Interfaces provided

  1. SDH
  2. SONET
  3. Ethernet (High-Speed Ethernet Private Leased Circuit) provided between Japan and the U.S.

Communication speed

By selecting the optimum transmission speed for your communication volume and applications, you can build a highly efficient and economical international network.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC):45Mbps, 150Mbps, 2.4Gbps, 10Gbps
High-Speed Ethernet Private Leased Circuit:155Mbps, 300Mbps, 450Mbps, 620Mbps, 750Mbps, 900Mbps, 1Gbps

Options Service

One-stop shopping

KDDI reduces the administrative work involved in applying for the IPLC service by offering one-stop shopping. For example, you may apply for a circuit between Japan and the US, as well as another circuit between third countries such as the US and the UK at the same time.

Long-term contracts

To help customers use the IPLC service more economically, KDDI offers discount plans for three- and five-year regular usage contracts. We will discount 5% and 10% from the monthly IPLC Service charges for three-year and five-year contracts, respectively.

Multiple-area discount

Depending on the areas where you will be using our IPLC service, we offer a discount of 5-15% per month for all international circuit service charges. The larger the number of areas you are connected to, the higher the discount you receive.

Domestic/international service combination discount(*1)

If you use both our domestic and international IPLC services and have a single billing address, you can apply for and receive a discount on service charges. Discounts of 5% for domestic services and 15% or 30% for international services (depending on bandwidth) are offered.

Route diversity service

This service completely duplicates two high-bit links between different international zones in the same area. If a failure occurs in one circuit, you will still be able to communicate using the other route. A 10% discount on the monthly IPLC service charges is offered for each circuit.

Backup circuit service

For each IPLC that you sign up for, you will be able to use one backup circuit (reserve circuit) via a different route for the applicable international zone. If a failure occurs in the main circuit, you will still be able to communicate by switching to the backup circuit that was set up in advance using a different route. The backup circuit comes with a 40% discount on the regular monthly charges for the IPLC service, plus additional charges.

One-way circuit service

If you only send or receive data over the IPLC, we offer a discount of approximately 30% on the monthly IPLC service charges compared with the two-way service charges.

International zone change service

This is a service to temporarily switch the KDDI private leased circuit station for international zones in Japan to another pre-determined KDDI private leased circuit station when a failure occurs in your terminal equipment. Even if a fire or failure occurs within your premises, you will still be able to communicate using other communication centers. It is also possible to set up reserve domestic zones.

Diversity service(*2)

When the IPLC cannot be used due to a failure, this service switches you to another domestic circuit KDDI has set up in advance. Charges for the reserve domestic circuit and additional charges apply.

*1Domestic ultra high-bandwidth digital service, ATM-dedicated service, and international voice-level and ultra high-bandwidth digital service are not included in this discount plan.
*2Discounts apply only if the fees stipulated in the contract are the standard fees (except in the case of the international diversity service).


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