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Data Center Managed Services

Managing technology-on demand

KDDI America offers a comprehensive suite of managed services to support your business and make sure your systems and data are secure, compliant, and operating at peak performance. From help desk and hardware support to managed IT infrastructure, security, and compliance services, our expert global consulting and operations teams bring you a complete, customized solution–no matter where you are and what your business needs.

Comprehensive infrastructure and systems management

KDDI America will work with you to customize an end-to-end IT solution that prepares you for today's business challenges and evolves to fit future needs. From basic systems monitoring to comprehensive outsourced IT—and remote or on-site service—our expert team will manage your IT infrastructure and keep your information services operating at peak performance, 24 hours a day.

Proactive security services

At KDDI America, our approach to IT security is thorough and proactive. Our expert security specialists will work with you to mitigate security risks and ensure complete compliance with regulatory mandates and industry standards. They'll also monitor your systems to identify non-compliant practices and threats before they become critical business issues.

Consulting and compliance

From initial assessment through policy planning, deployment, and 24/7 management and support, KDDI America’s experienced consultants will work with you to develop effective governance, risk, and compliance solutions. Our consultants combine global reach with deep industry knowledge to bring you comprehensive solutions that follow industry-leading methodologies and controls.

Business and continuity planning

KDDI America’s business continuity team brings you the confidence you need to mitigate all potential business disruptions, whether a large-scale national disaster or a local cause like fire, flooding, or power outages. We’ll create a customized plan using a phased project methodology that spans everything from identifying requirements to creating documentation, training your employees, and bringing you the tools you need to stay prepared as your company grows and changes.

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Contact us for information about additional data center offerings, such as dedicated data center suites, IX Peering, disaster recovery, server management, and more.

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