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Press Release Mar 29, 2022 KDDI America announces new secure direct, managed Private Cloud.

KDDI America

KDDI America Private Cloud via Microsoft Azure Stack Hub is available starting today with configurations and optimization set to enhance your network systems with all services integrated seamlessly by KDDIA to ensure security, stability and reliability.

NEW YORK – (March 30, 2022) –KDDI America, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as KDDIA), a subsidiary of KDDI CORPORATION—a Fortune Global 500 company, announces the launch of a new private cloud service called "KDDI America Private Cloud".
This service is provided via the Microsoft Azure Stack Hub that is installed within TELEHOUSE, the long-trusted, global data center provider which is also a subsidiary of KDDI CORPORATION, with all service managed seamlessly by KDDIA to ensure security, stability and reliability.

Previously, KDDIA had provided private cloud services to their customers through alliances with external partners. With this new service, KDDIA now offers a private cloud service managed and optimized solely by KDDIA in order to ensure a better end-user experience.

KDDIA has been named a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Services, and will utilize Microsoft Azure technology to host and manage this new cloud service.
With the new “KDDI America Private Cloud” solution, customers can gain valuable expert insight into crafting and executing a powerful cloud strategy, garner greater advantages for their high-value workloads and increase speed to innovation and business growth while reducing risk through a robust array of configurations.

By incorporating this cloud solution within our full suite of managed services, KDDIA will be able to provide total IT support for their customers from the inception of a project’s infrastructure design all the way through to operational support.


This service was designed in mind for customers who are considering a migration to the cloud environment from their on-premises server, and now intend to store their data in an optimized private or hybrid cloud environment instead of solely relying on configuring a public cloud option.

Service Highlights of KDDI America Private Cloud

  • Allows Companies to take full advantages of both a private cloud and their own on-premises server
    This service enables customers to avoid installing and maintaining new servers (that they may not always need to keep running), and therefore better utilize their resources to more efficiently to handle any increases or decreases in capacity with immediate effect. At the same time, it allows companies to maintain the data in a secure environment which is managed by KDDIA with strict security.
  • Enables Users to deploy Hybrid Cloud Environment with Microsoft Azure
    Customers can also deploy a hybrid cloud by augmenting their KDDIA Private Azure environment with adding a public cloud option through Microsoft Azure provided by KDDIA, which is designed to be wholly compatible with “KDDI America Private Cloud” and seamlessly integrated via the Microsoft Azure Stack Hub.

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