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Press Release Aug 25, 2021 New LINX and TELEHOUSE NYIIX US Interconnection Service Goes Live


TELEHOUSE NYIIX and The London Internet Exchange (LINX) proudly announce that their new joint U.S. interconnection service is now available. The strategic partnership forged between both Internet Exchange Points (IXP), announced in June 2021, interconnects the entities’ mutual ecosystems, empowering members of each IXP with expanded peering opportunities. The partnership also provides member networks with a redundant and resilient route from New York to Northern Virginia.

The route between NYIIX in New York and LINX NoVA — a fast-growing interconnection platform based out of Ashburn, Manassas and Reston in Northern Virginia — is now officially live, and requests for this new service are already coming in.

As organizations seek to enhance control over their traffic flows, improve network performance, reduce costs and expand bandwidth capacities, this extended interconnection fabric sets members of LINX and NYIIX up for digitally transformative results. Together, these entities are expanding their customers’ capabilities with access to a greater “network of networks” for added advantage.

Akio Sugeno, VP of Engineering for TELEHOUSE NYIIX, says,“This partnership combines the robust resources of two advantageous peering fabrics, making the whole even greater than the sum of its parts. Empowering data and IT is about getting data where it needs to go as efficiently as possible, and we’re proud to be architecting the solution that achieves that for our growing array of members. We look forward to seeing how this service helps customers thrive in the digital economy.”

Established in 1996 and founded by TELEHOUSE America, the NYIIX Peering Exchange is one of the largest neutral IXPs on the U.S. East Coast and across the world. Today, TELEHOUSE America delivers interconnection points in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles with over 250 active member networks connected and more than 1 Tbps in peak traffic.

NYIIX and TELEHOUSE America — together with TELEHOUSE’s parent company, ICT solution services provider KDDI America — serve as clients’ strategic gateway to digital transformation. Clients gain competitive advantages through end-to-end access to the necessary elements of robust customer lifecycle management — whether for internal users or for provisioning the last-mile of end user experience.

To learn more about The London Internet Exchange (LINX), please click here.
To learn more about TELEHOUSE NYIIX, please click here.

★検討中★各国要対応★「KDDI America」リンク、各国からUSへリンクが必要な場合要対応。


A stable and trusted pioneer of carrier-neutral data center services, TELEHOUSE provides secure, power-protected environments, where clients house and operate their telecommunications and network resources. Among the many benefits of colocating with TELEHOUSE is the ability to connect to state-of-the-art peering exchanges (NYIIX) in New York, Philadelphia  and Los Angeles. Additionally, The global availability of over 40 TELEHOUSE branded data centers in 10+ countries worldwide throughout Asia, North America and EMEA, delivers continuous, cost-effective operation of network-dependent, IT infrastructure to businesses around the world.

Please visit, or email at to Connect with TELEHOUSE on Twitter and LinkedIn.
To explore the benefits of Telehouse NYIIX exchanges and see why countless members and partners peer with them,visit

About the London Internet Exchange (LINX)

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, connecting over 980 member ASNs from over 80 countries around the globe. LINX continues to expand their London presence with 16 locations across the capital along with regional exchanges in Wales, Manchester and Scotland. LINX also operates an Internet exchange in the Ashburn metro area in the US just outside Washington DC. LINX also powers JEDIX, a new IX for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a key interconnection location for the Middle East.

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