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  2. The Customer/undersigned hereby orders the above noted KDDI Ichiban TALK service and understands that KDDI America shall provide same, subject to the terms and conditions stated and referenced herein, and the Customer shall accept and pay for all KDDI Ichiban TALK services (the "Services"), subscribed to and utilized by the Customer. The Services shall be provided pursuant to the rates, terms, and conditions noted in this KDDI Ichiban TALK Order Form, and any other applicable agreement, including but not limited to KDDI America, Inc.'s Master Agreement Applicable to International Telecommunications Services (available on www.kddia.comNew Window), as modified, amended and revised from time to time (the "Master Agreements"). This Agreement incorporates by reference the terms of such applicable Master Agreements. Customer hereby accepts all of the aforementioned terms and conditions, and certifies that all the information provided in this application are correct and true, and applies for the Services noted above by signing below. The Customer's signature below constitutes Customer's written consent of and subscription to KDDI Ichiban TALK services.