Ichiban Talk

Domestic and international phone service

KDDI America's cost-effective long-distance phone service, Ichiban TALK, brings you competitive rates and crystal-clear connections on both domestic and international calls. Through Ichiban TALK, we offer a variety of plans to fit your calling needs, including competitive rates to Japan and other overseas locations.

Why Ichiban Talk

High-quality, low-cost calling

We offer a variety of plans to fit your long-distance needs. For a $2.00 monthly charge, you can take advantage of low per-minute rates for calls to Japan and other global locations or, alternatively, save money with one of our fixed monthly plans. Need more minutes? Our coverage fees are low, and you can upgrade your plan at any time by calling our support center.

English & Japanese-language support

Our in-house service center offers comprehensive Japanese and English language support Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) (closed weekends and holidays).

Easy to switch your long-distance telephone company

We will cover the fees associated with switching from your current provider.

  • 1You might need to contact your local phone company.
  • 2Dependent on your service contract with your local phone company, Ichiban Talk might be not available.

Rates and plans

Minutes Plan

Plans Basic monthly fee Calling rate to Japan Calling Minutes to Japan Excess Minutes
360 Minutes $28.50 7.9¢/Min 360 Minutes 10.9¢/Min
240 Minutes $23.70 9.9¢/Min 240 Minutes 11.9¢/Min
180 Minutes $20.70 11.5¢/Min 180 Minutes 14.9¢/Min
120 Minutes $14.40 12¢/Min 120 Minutes 14.9¢/Min
60 Minutes $7.50 12.5¢/Min 60 Minutes 14.9¢/Min

Basic Plan

Plan Basic monthly fee Calling rate to Japan
Basic Plan $2.00 15.9¢/Min
  • Plan rates are for calls to Japan.
  • Long-distance calls in the United States will be charged ¢10 per minute.
  • Click here for more international rates.
  • Minute Plan will be charged the basic monthly fee, even if you don’t use the specified minutes.
  • Each contract plan consists of one plan with one phone number.
  • After contract expiration, it is possible to change your plan.(1 month Units)

Online Applications

Contact Us

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Operation Hours: 9:00~17:00 (Eastern Time)
(except Weekends and Holidays)