Meeting of the minds

At KDDI America, we understand that collaboration is crucial to your business. That's why we offer secure, reliable, and flexible conferencing solutions to bring your employees together. No matter where you are and how you'd like to communicate, we'll facilitate the connection through integrated web and audio conferencing and a broad range of advanced features–from document sharing to presentation tools.


Integrated web and audio conferencing

KDDI America puts you in control of your conferencing. You can set up web and audio conferences in a matter of minutes, with no advance reservations, and cancel or add participants at any time. You can also manage your conference online through simple point-and-click commands.

Fast international connectivity

Global toll-free numbers make it easy to join the conference from your international business offices, and you can connect up to 96 ports at one time.

Advanced collaboration tools

Enhance your conferences with easy-to-use web collaboration tools like desktop and document sharing, online chat, and presentation features.

Simplified recordkeeping

Record critical conversations with simple touch tone and web-based commands. Files are automatically uploaded to your conference microsite upon completion of the call, where they can be securely accessed or emailed to individual addresses.

A straightforward pricing structure

Our competitive per-minute rates include all bridging and access charges. Experienced support technicians are also available during normal business hours to troubleshoot and answer questions.

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For more information about our web and audio conferencing solutions, please contact a KDDI representative.

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Our comprehensive suite of business telephone services also includes long distance calling, toll-free service, and more.

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Office Hours:9:00~17:00 (Eastern Time)
(Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays)

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