KDDI Global Supply Program

Worldwide support of procurement of your ICT devices

Available in all KDDI international offices.
*Please inquire us to know if we provide services in your location.

Got problems? We've got solutions!

What is the most suitable hardware/network for the business?

What is the market price in the country?

Which local vendors are reliable?

Choices of equipments to meet your needs

No need to negotiate to local vendors, leave it to all us!
We will coordinate with multiple vendors/suppliers and come back to you with a comprehensive proposal.

Giving you the best price for small and large requirements

KDDI has a long relationship with local hardware vendors from purchasing both our own and customers' hardware. Leveraging this strong relationship, we provide you competitive pricing for requirements even as small as one desktop.

Single contract for worldwide services

Make the decision in your Headquarters, and leave the rest to us. We will organize your international hardware purchases with local vendors in the countries where your offices are located. No need for you to contact every single vendor. This type of procurement will also help you strengthen your governance of your international offices.

What is the KDDI Global Supply Program?

Partnering with large manufacturers globally, we provide customers with choices of hardware/equipment, to deliver the most appropriate IT solutions. Our "KDDI Global Supply Program" service starts from selection of hardware/equipment, procurement, through to maintenance services.

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What we provide

Personal Computers, Servers, Routers, Switches, Printers, Copy Machines, PBX, Monitors, etc.
e-mail Software, Microsoft Office, Operating Systems, Anti-virus Software, Backup Software, etc.

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Office Hours:9:00~17:00 (Eastern Time)
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Office Hours:9:00~17:00 (Eastern Time)
(Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays)

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