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Business Support Tool Long Distance and International

Get the world on the line

KDDI America's cost-effective long-distance and international plans combine competitive rates, experienced in-house support, and an advanced global fiber network to bring you reliable, crystal-clear connections on both domestic and international calls.

Lower your telecommunication expenses with special business rates, including discounted rates to Japan and other overseas locations. Want to save even more money? We'll cover all fees associated with switching from your current provider.


High-quality, low-cost calling

Our competitive per-minute rates are valid 24 hours a day, with particularly low rates for calls to Japan and other global locations.

Proactive service and support

Our experienced in-house customer support staff is available during normal business hours to troubleshoot and answer questions. Your support system is never outsourced, and all KDDI America personnel are trained to monitor network performance on an ongoing basis.

Simplified recordkeeping

Each of our comprehensive monthly invoices includes detailed information about the duration, price, and originating number of each call. We can also attach customized group or department codes to certain numbers for simplified recordkeeping.

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For more information about our long-distance and international calling services, please contact a KDDI representative.

Want more?

If your business has high-volume long-distance calling needs, our dedicated voice services can bring you better rates–and better quality.

Dedicated voice services connect your PBX directly to our advanced fiber optic network for high-quality, low-cost long distance that bypasses local line charges. This ultra-fast T1 connection offers networking speeds of 1.5 Mbps, along with 24 different channels that can be used for voice, data, Internet, and more.


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