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Resindetial Service International Mobile Calling - Dokodemo TALK

Low international phone call rates from your mobile phone.

Want to make international calls from your cell phone without paying costly surcharges? With Dokodemo TALK, you can increase your mobility and lower your telecommunication expenses with streamlined calling and special rates to more than 240 regions worldwide.
Service will be available from 3~4 business days after application.

Why Dokodemo TALK

Only 7.9¢/Min to Japanese land lines

You will pay only 7.9¢/min to Japanese land lines. (24¢/min to Japanese mobile phones).

No need to change your wireless phone provider

You don't need to change your wireless phone provider to use Dokodemo TALK.

No monthly service charges

No monthly service charges. You will only pay for the calls you place (taxes will be charged).

Rates and Plans


Basic monthly feeCalling rate to Japanese land lineCalling rate to Japanese mobile phone

How to Call

  • Call to the access number from your mobile phone.
  • You will hear a「KDDI America」announcement.
  • You will then hear a dial tone, when you do press (011)-(Japan Country Code 81)-(then the required phone number without the first 0)
    • * Don’t press「SEND」or「TALK」. If you press「SEND」or「TALK」, your provider will charge you for the phone call.


1. Access Number:

If your cellular phone plan is either the Nation Plan or Nationwide Plan which does not require long distance or roaming charges for calls within the United States, or if you live in the Greater New York area and are calling within your local area, please use the access number: 1-646-666-4279 For other calls, please use the following access number: 1-800-981-5334.

2. Airtime Charges:

If you use the KDDI Dokodemo TALK service, you will be charged long distance charges by KDDI America, Inc. However, you will still be charged airtime charges separately by your provider.

3. Termination of your Cellular Phone Number

If you terminate or change your cellular phone number, please inform the KDDI customer support center. You will be charged for all usage up to the date we receive the termination notice.

4. Unblock Caller ID Feature

Please do not block your caller ID feature when using KDDI Dokodemo TALK. KDDI need to recognize your cellular phone number in order to process your calls. Please ask your cellular phone provider for information on how to unblock your caller ID feature.

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Please consult a KDDI consultant.