Revolutionize the way you do business using digital IT technology

Digital data and IT are set to greatly change the way we work and communicate, and this change is being called the “Digital Transformation.” Moving forward, companies will have to make use of IT technology to change the way they manage and do business.

Raise the efficiency of your routine tasks so you can focus on more productive work

With the appearance of IT, business is changing rapidly. Raising the speed of business and creating faster and newer services has become the most important mission for companies.

At KDDI, through the provision of RPA services, we are supporting the automation of routine work that was until now done manually, allowing people to focus on more creative and productive tasks.

Product introduction

Using the RPA solution “UIPath” provided by the company UiPath, you can make automation of routine tasks a reality.

Manage vehicle fleet information more efficiently and improve your business

We are in a time when a single employee action can affect the brand image of a company. Management of the use of vehicles in a firm’s sales and transport activities has become an important part of keeping track of employee behavior.

KDDI offers a vehicle management service that provides visualization of vehicle data, supporting work improvements such as better rule compliance and optimized delivery routes.

Product introduction

Merely insert a device into a vehicle, and IoT technology will obtain and collect data from it, improving your day-to-day vehicle management.

Get data on your factory’s production line and create smart factories

The diversification of consumer needs have made it even more important that production lines become more efficient. Line stoppages and overly-frequent maintenance greatly reduce productivity, and create a risk that customers’ needs will not be met.

Through providing an IoT service specialized for factories, KDDI allows you to quickly make your factories into smart factories, helping you to achieve on your business goals.

Product introduction

This KDDI-provided factory IoT solution includes a range of features from data collection to AI data analysis, enabling you to revolutionize the way your factories operate.