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"Omni-Channel Messaging Service" Free Trial Application Form


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To apply for the "Omni-Channel Messaging Service" free trial, please fill in the following blanks and click "Submit".

  • We will send you a confirmation email within 3 business days after the above form submission.
  • The trial period involves 14-day access to the web interface with 50 free SMS(only for U.S destination) and 50 free emails.
  • We will send your trial account and password to the email address registered in the above form.
  • For inquiries during trial period, please use this website inquiry form.
  • Please understand that depending on cases our sales team will contact you to the above registered contact information.
  • This free trial is limited to the U.S. user only.

Please enter the 5 letters shown in the image.
* If you are unable to proceed even after entering the security code, please restart your browser and try again.

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