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TELEHOUSE America Selects Juniper Networks for Advanced Automation Across its Multi-Cloud Data Center Environment

KDDI CORPORATION December 19, 2017

NEW YORK – December 19, 2017- TELEHOUSE, a KDDI Group company and a global leader for data centers, international internet exchanges and managed IT services, today announces the deployment of Juniper Networks® QFX5100. It will utilize a multi-tenant infrastructure that bridges its data centers across multiple US locations, while providing high-performing and secure connectivity within and outside its facilities.

The deployment allows data centers in US to strengthen its connectivity and stable network TELEHOUSE America has provided. With Juniper Networks® QFX5100 line of Switches supporting the multi-tenant architecture that uses EVPN-VXLAN technology, TELEHOUSE America has drastically reduced its operational workload and simplified software configuration. In addition, Juniper’s Virtual Chassis fabric technology and the SDN technology by Junos® OS API enabled new levels of automation.

Akio Sugeno, VP of internet engineering and operations/business development for TELEHOUSE America said “We looked to improve our service quality by aggressively employing the latest cutting-edge technology. There are many technologies that look promising, but standardization takes a long time. Juniper Networks is among the first to adopt advanced open technologies and is working aggressively to achieve standardization. Juniper Networks will support both the proven network OS and advanced open technologies.”

About TELEHOUSE America
A stable and trusted pioneer of carrier-neutral data center services, TELEHOUSE provides secure, power-protected environments, where clients house and operate their telecommunications and network resources. Among many benefits of collocating with TELEHOUSE is the ability to connect to state-of-the-art peering exchanges in New York (NYIIX) and Los Angeles (LAIIX). Additionally, the global availability of 47 TELEHOUSE-branded data centers in 23 cities throughout Asia, Africa, North America and EMEA, delivers continuous, cost-effective operation of network-dependent, IT infrastructure to businesses around the world. Please visit www.telehouse.com, or email at sales@telehouse.com to learn more about the Channel Partner program. Connect with TELEHOUSE on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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