KDDI America to begin provision of Omni-Channel Messaging Service

KDDI America June 24, 2020

A combination of SMS, RCS and chat applications to help companies in reaching their customers

KDDI America (HQ: New York, USA; CEO: Masatoshi Nobuhara), a branch of KDDI Corporation, is announcing that starting from July 8, 2020, it will begin provision of its “Omni-Channel Messaging Service” (hereafter, “this service”), a combination of SMS, RCS*1, chat applications (LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.), chatbots, IVR (automatic answering system), email, and other communication tools, to support companies in effectively communicating with their customers.

Omni-Channel Messaging Service overviewOmni-Channel Messaging Service overview


  • In recent years, through the expanded use of SNSes and messenger applications in addition to traditional phone and email, a greater number of communication methods are in use.
  • In response, companies need to choose the communication tool that is best suited to their customers when contacting them.

Service Overview

  • This service combines a variety of communication tools such as SMS, RCS, chat applications (LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.), chatbots, IVR (automatic answering system), and email to ensure that companies can get messages to their customers.
  • Cost or operation workload savings can be achieved by replacing traditional mailed flyers or using chatbots to partially automate customer support.

Service features

Through combining multiple communications tools, messages can be automatically sent through different methods if the previous method failed to get to the customer, raising the probability that a message will reach the customer.

Extend Reach Capability

A variety of two-way communication methods, such as chatbots, that can be initiated from either the company end or the customer end.

Embrace interactive communications

In addition to showing how many messages successfully reached customers, the service provides additional data such as message opening rates, click rates for attached URLs, and more as visual feedback on customer response, which can help in judging message effectiveness and making improvements.

Observe and Review results

Send not only text messages, but images, videos and audio, with support for multiple languages, to achieve a diversified approach to customers.

Voice and multilingual support

Through this service, KDDI America supports its corporate customers in their digital transformations, while also contributing to the development of their primary businesses.

Contacting us

To inquire about the Omni-Channel Message Service, please contact your KDDI America corporate sales representative, or contact us through the form at the following URL:

  • An abbreviation for Rich Communication Services, communication services which have been internationally standardized by the GSMA.
  • *The information contained in the news releases is current at the time of publication. Products, service fees,service content and specifications, contact information, and other details are subject to change without notice.

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