KDDI begins provision of “Global IoT Package” to support customers’ global IoT deployments

KDDI Corporation
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
March 02, 2020

First service package for IoT Worldwide Architecture, enabling customers to make small starts

KDDI Corporation (Head office : Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President : Makoto Takahashi) has begun provision of “Global IoT Package” that gives one-stop support for data collection, storage, visualization and utilization to corporate customers who are seeking to deploy IoT solutions globally; starting on March 2, 2020.

Service diagramService diagram

This service is the first service package for KDDI IoT Worldwide Architecture*1, which was announced in June 2018, and supplies customers with one-stop provision of cloud infrastructure, communication channels, and communication devices. This service makes use of IoT solution “Meister RemoteXTM”, a service of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (Head office: Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture; President and CEO: Hironobu Nishikori), in its speedy provision of data accumulation and visualization. For wireless communication, it uses the global roaming SIMs of SORACOM, INC. (Head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Ken Tamagawa).

Global IoT Package is a one-stop-shop for a highly-expandable cloud service, global roaming service, and IoT communication devices that are certified under countries’ telecommunications laws – and can be used in small start projects with as few as a single communication device. This allows customers aiming for global deployment to quickly achieve IoT business innovations.

KDDI Group will continue to work with partners such as Toshiba Digital Solutions to support customers’ digital transformations using the IoT Worldwide Architecture.

”Global IoT Package” Overview

As part of KDDI’s efforts to provide customers with a one-stop solution for cloud services, communications channels, and communications devices, this service, made possible through cooperation with Toshiba Digital Solutions and SORACOM, is a service package that enables provision of data collection, storage, visualization and utilization – aimed at corporate customers who are seeking to deploy IoT globally.


1. A highly-expandable cloud service

Using Toshiba Digital Solutions’ Manufacturing IoT solution “Meister RemoteXTM”, data visualization and API availability are provided; which enables linkage with customers’ existing systems, and development of new services/systems with the accumulated data.

Cloud service diagramCloud service diagram

2. Two service plans to choose from

We provide two service plans to meet customers’ requirement, the “Data storage/API plan T” and the “Data storage/visualization plan T”, which can be chosen from as needed.

Plans diagramPlans diagram

3. Communications networks and devices that meet global requirements

We enable customers to smoothly begin IoT operations in countries worldwide by providing SORACOM global SIMs together with devices certified under those countries’ telecommunications laws*2. Proof-of-concept tests and usage in small-scale projects are also possible.


TypeService typeContentsPrice
One-timeBasic serviceCloud service installation fee¥640,000/contract
MonthlyData storage/API plan T ¥278,000/contract
MonthlyData storage/visualization plan T ¥318,000/contract
One-timeEdge ID*3Bundled procedural fee¥3,000/Edge ID
MonthlyEdge ID usage fee (Includes up to 10MB)¥2,000/Edge ID
  • * In addition to the prices above, additional fees are charged for initial environment setup, communications device installation, etc.
  • * The minimum usage period is 6 months.
  • * The Edge ID usage fee covers up to 10 MB of data transfers per global roaming SID. If 10 MB of transferred data is exceeded, additional fees will be incurred.

Contact information

Please contact your KDDI corporate salesperson or our corporate customer center.

Corporate customer center
0077-7007 (toll-free)
0120-921-919 (toll-free)
Availability: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM JST (Excluding weekends and holidays)

[Information] Role of each company

KDDI: Provision of the “Global IoT Package”
Toshiba Digital Solutions: Provision of "Meister RemoteX™”
SORACOM: Provision of global roaming SIMs

  • *1IoT Worldwide Architecture solves issues involved with companies’ global deployment of IoT business with 3 services: “data storage and utilization”, “connectivity services for global communications”, and “obtaining of legal/regulatory certifications”. It is a business platform that gives powerful support for customers’ business innovations.
  • *2For information on which countries’ telecommunications certifications are provided, please contact KDDI.
  • *3”Edge IDs” refer to the software and global roaming SIMs configured for the communications devices.

  • *The information contained in the news releases is current at the time of publication. Products, service fees,service content and specifications, contact information, and other details are subject to change without notice.

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