KDDI America is an official provider of the NEC PBX phone system. KDDI America will support you in one of your most important business decisions, the building of your phone and telecommunications system.

KDDI America can provide seamless support in the building of your phone system from design, sale of equipment, installation and managed services. We also work to reduce your risk during your relocation or move. With our proven expertise we will develop a plan to ease your transition weekday or weekend.

KDDI America can help design your Voice Over IP and Unified Communication Solution that will maximize your business needs. Communications tools like presence, status, mobility, collaboration, video and voice conferencing, and messaging can all be utilized.


Custom design and construction with a sales representative from KDDI America:

We provide the optimal solution for each customer based on the existing phone systems, size of business, specific requirements as well as the overall budget.

A wide array of managed services:

In addition to the system construction, KDDI America provides the Managed service which responds to any sudden outages or any changes on your phone system. We can find the solution that matches your budget. For more details about our managed business phone system, please refer to our Voice Solution.

Long term provider of NEC PBX phone systems- Over 20 years with KDDI America :

KDDI America is proud to be an official provider of NEC PBX phone systems. KDDI America’s long term commitment with NEC as our partner for 20 years make KDDI America the perfect choice to offer business system construction along with our value added knowledge and support.

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For more information about our PBX offerings, please contact a KDDI representative.

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Our comprehensive suite of PBX managed service support including digital PBX, IP-PBX, or a customized hybrid solution.