KDDI America Channel Partners


KDDI America believes in the power of numbers, and therefore we believe in working closely with the indirect sales channel. Collaborating with other leading companies like yours makes good business sense and allows you to benefit from our competitive compensation package while delivering world class products and services.

The KDDI America Channel Marketing Program is centralized out of New York and supported Regionally in the US. We can provide you with the knowledge, tools and support to effectively resell a wide array of our services including Ethernet, Private Line, Data Centers and Data Management.

The indirect sales program allows channels sales representatives the ability to leverage a world-class network, unique products and services, along with the brand US TELEHOUSE and Global TELEHOUSE, certainly an area of strength with recent trends in the industry. Also through our Technology Partner relationship with companies such as PBX/NEC and Juniper Networks we can pass along excellent discount packages on equipment and software for cutting edge solutions in Cloud Computing, Router Management Services and Enterprise Mobile Phone solutions.

The KDDIA Advantage

  • 50-year record of achievement
  • Largest overseas office of a 40 billion dollar company, KDDI Corporate is a Global Fortune 500 company
  • Connect with a global network serving over 170 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Competitive commission and compensation plan (10-15%)
  • A boutique style approach to customer service and response delivered in the US and reflected Worldwide
  • Ability to bundle and sell the Global brand TELEHOUSE Data Centers (now up to 50 Data Centers Worldwide)
  • Recognized player around the world with a sweet spot in Asia Pacific
  • Dedicated sales and marketing support to assist you in your sales effort

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