CDNetworks enables mission critical e-business in the world's most challenging markets such as China, Russia and the Middle East.

Founded in 2000, CDNetworks is the only global content delivery network with local expertise and infrastructure in China and across six continents. Understanding that end-users have little tolerance for slow performance and disconnects, CDNetworks solutions empower high performance websites by accelerating the display of everything from information queries to large images and rich content. Built on a global cloud of distributed servers, these solutions improve the stability, resiliency, scalability, and availability of websites while reducing the load on customer's web servers.

Key Solutions

Dynamic Web Acceleration (DWA)

By optimizing the Internet's middle mile, DWA accelerates web based applications and dynamic content to provide end-users with LAN-like load times anywhere in the world.

Dynamic Network Acceleration (DNA)

An on-demand network acceleration service that enables organizations to quickly and reliably scale and accelerate both browser and non-browser based enterprise applications transmitted over SSL-VPN.

Content Acceleration

The combination of globally deployed caches, intelligent caching software and cloud based storage ensures that websites are delivered optimally around the world, no matter where end-users are located.

China Acceleration

Provided by the only global CDN with its own people and infrastructure in China, China Acceleration helps businesses reach China's massive internet audience with ease. The result is greater operational efficiencies and revenue generation.

Media Acceleration

Need to support global Web initiatives with compelling media? Media Acceleration speeds bandwidth - intensive content, such as HD and streaming, with ease.

Cloud DNS

A managed cloud based authoritative global DNS service, Cloud DNS enables faster application and content downloads, while being resilient, scalable and always available.

Cloud Storage

Every business faces evolving demands for bandwidth and applications. Cloud Storage provides unlimited storage resources for ultimate flexibility and resiliency.

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